Whining Cat

Hi Guys!

  W. wrote and wants me to tell more about my house and what is going on with everyone. So here is some of the latest animal gossip.

 I have sad news about Buffy. She was too old to have that last litter of kittens. She was pregnant too long and all of them died. She looked awful and we knew she wasn’t going to live much longer. We were right. She died a couple of weeks ago. Grandpa then decided we had too many cats and the whole place smelled like cats, so he gave them away except for one. I’m not sure what you kids have named her, but she goes around crying a lot because she is lonely, so I named her “Petunia.” When I was a  little girl, Grandma Sammy taught me a song that says, “I’m a lonley little petunia in an onion patch and all I do is cry all day.” (get it? onion patch–crying?) So that is Petunia. She is doing better today. I saw her playing outside. I don’t know why she doesn’t make friends with Bunny Hops. She is a very gentle bunny. She is very pretty, and very quiet. So Bunny Hops and Petunia are here waiting for you guys to come play.

I will be so glad when the sounds of your laughter and squealing drown out the sounds of Petunia! Come Quickly! Please!

Love you all toooo much!

Grandma with the Whining Cat.

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