Spiders and Flies

Hey, You Great Kids!

    Are you loving Spring? Our yard is full of buzzing activity. The hummingbirds are constantly working around the yard. They are as busy as I am! The kittens are at the most playful age. I watched two chase each other up a tree by the waterfall, and one fell and frantically grabbed onto a branch with its front claws and was hanging there swinging back and forth. I laughed as though he was an acrobatic clown entertaining me, but I did get up and go rescue him. Funny little guy.

    Yesterday I spent the day weeding the yard. I got the tree house flowers, strawberry patch, front flower gardens, waterfall garden and roses done. I took a well-deserved break at lunch time and sat in the swing to restore my energy for a while. As I was sitting there I noticed a spider on the screen and a fly buzzing close by. The fly would crawl and then fly for a half a second, then crawl. The spider didn’t crawl or move except to turn. Wherever the fly was, the spider would turn and watch it. At first the fly bumped into the spider and it scared them both. The spider jumped and pulled its legs in, and the fly flew back, but flies must be stupid and spiders smart. The fly kept crawling around near the spider and flying a short distance away and crawling closer, the spider just stayed put and turned to watch every movement of the fly. The fly finally got close enough that the spider jumped at it. The fly struggled and got away, but too late. It fell to the floor and spun around a for a few seconds. I, of course, hate flies so I was cheering for the spider. As I left my perch in the porch swing, wondering why I had sat there for so long watching that little creepy little scene. I decided I have watched too many PBS shows with Grandpa!

    Love you all!

Grandma Dottie, Spectator of Creepy Nature Shows

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