Quacker Jack and Chuckles

Hi Kids!

    Uncle Ash and Aunt Kim brought their duck and chicken over to our house before they moved. They bought them as babies for Easter last year. They grew up in the same large pen together, so they are not sure if they are both ducks or both chickens, but they know they are the same species.

      Harry had  named the Duck “Jack” and the hen “Chuckles. We added “Quacker” to Jack’s name because he talks all the time. We didn’t want them in the cage, so we just let them have the run of the place, and they seem to really enjoy exploring the yard. Neither one wants to get too far away from the other. They fully understand the buddy system, and they are not about to break the rules.

     I went out this morning to do some gardening. I got down on my hands and knees and started digging grass out of the garden. Very soon, Quacker Jack and Chuckles and Buffy the cat came hurrying over–all asking if they could help me. It looked like a lot of fun!  So I let them help. Chuckles started digging with me but then decided she would  let me do the work while she  just looked for bugs in the newly turned dirt. So she entertained herself pecking at the bugs, which was fine with me. I thought we made a good team. The cat curled up on the back of my legs thinking that was almost as good as a lap. Quacker Jack jabbered quite a long commentary about how this wasn’t really fun at all, in fact he was very bored, and then he wandered off. Chuckles can’t let Quacker get out of sight, so she had to give up her bugs which had been quite fun, but “Whoops, there goes Jack, gotta run.”  When I had to move to the next spot, the cat, who was comfortably purring away, got pouty about being disturbed, and gave up on me too. Pretty soon I decided they were right; this just wasn’ t that much fun, so I went into the house, promising to get back to it another day. I just don’t know which day

    I hope you are enjoying being outside in the sunshine. You guys in Seattle, have you even seen the sun lately? She is very beautiful, warm and charming. Hope you get to meet her soon!

    Love you all tons!

    Grandma Dottie, the Follower  (Not I said the duck; not I said the chicken; not I said the cat; then neither will I, said the Grandma.)