Old Windy

Dear Grandest Kids!

    You know how Old Windy visits Elmo every afternoon? Well  he carries on conversation with everything around him, except the birds, either they hide when he comes or he drowns out their tones. But you can’t help but overhear what he is planning. He is such a practical joker. I go outside looking for something I left in the garden, and he has thrown it down the hill. Or the worst trick he plays is turning over the garbage can while it waits on the street for the garbage truck. Now that is a dirty trick. We have to go chasing our paper stuff down the side of the road! One day he blew Grandma Nina’s dress up over her head as she was bending over. That was pretty funny to see!

        One thing I like about Windy is that he plays pretty tunes on the Wind Chimes Grandpa gave me. He loves playing them. Once he gets started, he hates to stop. He practices his musical instrument more than you kids practice yours, I’ll bet.

        One day, though, Windy was in an ornery mood!  I don’t even like him when he is like that. He carried on so loudly and fiercely, that there was no other sound to be heard (except the chimes, and he was clobbering those), and when he finally settled down, our old dead tree, way out back on the first hill was tipped over on the ground. Remember it? It had the large birdhouse in it for the hawks. Well, it’s still there, it’s just horizontal now. Try really hard never to get that moody. Nobody and nothing is fun to be around when they act like that!

Love you all! Grandma Dottie, Windy’s Friend (most of the time)

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