No Sneaks!

Dear Kids,

        Louie, the Cat, isn’t around here much any more. Remember when his name was Petunia? Well, he’s a boy and Petunia doesn’t fit him. We know when he is back, because he still whines ALL OF THE TIME!  Maybe he’s teaching us a lesson–Don’t Be A Whiner!  He is more annoying than any other animal we have had. He is a male cat, so he likes to wander looking for girl friends, but I doubt he has much success. Nobody likes a whiner!  Well we need a GIRL cat.because they are the hunters. Remember when Buffy the Bird Slayer caught a bird, prairie dog or mouse every day to share with all her kittens and the other four cats? Well Louie is worthless when it comes to hunting, because he’d actually have to stop whining and do something.

 I had a visitor the other night that did not make me happy. I called it a visitor, but it was really an intruder! A little mouse ran back and forth across the tile in the dining room, and I could see him as I sat at the computer! He creeped me out! It’s not that I don’t like mice. I think they are kind of cute–especially when they are trying to help Cinderella make a dress, but I don’t like anything coming in my house uninvited–not people, not cats, not mice, not snakes, not spiders! I have no problem with these things outside in their own element. I even love to see them, but in my house, I freaked! So we need a new cat. Remember this important lesson: Don’t be a whiner! Be a catcher! Catch the best life has to offer you!

 Kye (who is three) overheard me telling somebody on the phone, that I don’t like mice in my house or snakes, etc. When I got off the phone he said, “You don’t like sneaks in your house.” I couldn’t figure out why he was saying that. It is really true. I DON’T like sneaks in my house, but I didn’t know why he was saying that. Later he told me that he doesn’t like sneaks either. I figured out he was saying “snakes.” So I said, “Oh, I love snakes. I just don’t like them in my house.” He said, “Oh, yeah, we like sneaks. We don’t like sneaks in the house.”  So, Isabella, you’ll have to work on what to say when he sees that you actually LIKE sneaks in your house and you have one for a pet. You’ll have to deal with that one, I’m afraid. In the meantime, Grandpa caught the mouse, and I’m through whining about them.

    Love you all soooo much!

Grandma Dottie, Who Doesn’t Like Sneaks!

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