Mocking Bird Hill

Hi Kids,

     I’m happy to report that everyone is in place this spring for Elmo’s Nature Symphony except for the Blues Singer cat.  And guess what? We have a new soloist! It is a mocking bird! We’ve never had a mockingbird around here before. and he is so fun to listen to. You should hear his repertoire! He can sing so many different songs and tunes using different voices! I think a mockingbird is the best gift Springtime has given us this year.

    I wish you were all hear to listen with me. Mr. Toad sounds bigger and a deeper baritone than before. Grandpa and I went out on the porch to sit in the rocking chairs and just listen to nature. Toad had been croaking, but he stopped and didn’t make a peep after we got outside. Grandpa has been really sick this weekend, and he has a deep, croaky cough, and he started coughing and the toad started croaking. Toad would stop and then Grandpa would cough again and he would start croaking. He was answering Grandpa every time. We laughed and laughed at him.

    With Mr. Toad in place, we now have our baritone sax, Woodpecker is here on the percussion, although for a couple of days he was pecking at something metal. We have weird birds around here. He is a faster learner than the robin, though because he was drilling on wood again yesterday (His beak is probably cracked now, though). And guess what else? The honey bees are back this year! Did you realize they had disappeared for a few years? They are back working on the flowering bushes in our yard, and making up the string section of our backyard orchestra. The Meadowlark does the trill on the flute and all of the other birds like the robin join in, with the Prairie Dog adding his chirp into the mix. Then the Mockingbird gives a show-stopping performance with its beautiful voice and all the imitations he can do of other birds. I hope it will still be here when you visit, although Grandpa said they just pass through our area. His singing reminds me of a song Grandma Sammy used to sing to me:

When the sun in the morning peeps over the hill,

And kisses the roses ’round my window sill,

Then my heart fills with gladness when I hear the trill

Of the birds in the treetops on Mockin’ Bird Hill.

Tra la la, tweedle dee dee

It gives me a thrill,

To wake up in the morning

To the mockin’ bird’s trill.

Tra la la tweedle dee dee

There’s peace and good will;

You’re welcome as the flowers

On Mockin’ Bird Hill

That’s for sure! You are more welcome here than the flowers or the birds! Go outside and listen to your nature concert and tell me what you hear. I’ll be waiting!

Love you all tons!

Grandma, who lives on The Mocking Bird Hill

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