Evidences of You

Dear Grand Kids,

            Everywhere I go in my yard, I find evidences of you! When I decided to clean the pond this morning, I looked down and found a small pink shovel that belonged to one of you last year at the Secret Garden Camp. It was hiding under some flowers. It was a good tool to use to scrape out the old leaves. As I did that, I found little toys and boats beneath the floating leaves. They made me miss you even more than usual!

The gardens you planted last year are still alive. Rein and Harry’s looks great. The Squirrel, however was missing, but I found him on a stump guarding the garden. Maddie’s little rose died, but we can plant another one when she comes to visit. Maddie and McKay’s sign and Isabella and Sydnie’s signs still look good, but we need to make two more for the other gardens. Weston pretty much had to do his garden on his own, since the two little guys assigned to him, weren’t too interested in gardening. So we need to make his sign with his name in Big letters. You all did such a good job, and you big kids were so kind and sweet to the younger ones! You are all the best grand kids ever!

We had a lot of fun last year, didn’t we? We will have so much fun this year. Can’t wait!

    Love you all tons!

Grandma, The Memory Keeper

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