Elmo’s Symphony

Hi Guys!

        I am so excited that Spring is finally here! I’ve been outside working in my flower gardens accompanied by  Elmo’s Nature Symphony. I’m sure you don’t hear this particular symphony anywhere else. This year it seems there is a bigger variety of flutes playing trills and tweets than ever before, but the Meadow Lark still carries the melody. The bees have their violins buzzing, and the hummingbirds with their lower string tones are like a cello. The old woodpecker’s staccato, echoing from down in the hill, is great percussion.

I love going out in the morning when the air is still and the whole Elmo orchestra is playing. One sound that is missing however, is Mr. Toad’s song. So I cleaned out the pond and put water in it, so he will feel welcome. Now the pond is full, we’ll just wait and listen for him. He’ll be our guest soloist (because he is sooo noisy and loud, and doesn’t really blend in too well with the other voices.) The cat, who used to be named Petunia, is a boy. He still can’t let any noise be louder than he is, so he joins in. We named him Louie–after Louie Armstrong, because he is always singing the blues. I wish you were all here to enjoy this concert with me. But I bet you have your own type of concert where you live. Listen closely and see who is singing or playing whatever instrument. Write me and tell me what you hear in your back yards!

        Can’t wait to have more fun this year. I’ll be sending you some details about Grandma’s Camp. I have changed the theme for the third time this year, so you’ll be surprised, but.  I’ll tell you soon!


Grandma Dottie, Patron of the Elmo Backyard Symphony!

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