Letters from The Mysterious Beyond

Dear Kids,

        You know Grandpa and the outdoors. His advice is to not miss anything. Keep your eyes open and take in the natural world around you. Its good advice since the world is so beautiful and filled with things from God just put on this earth for us–to “please the eye and gladden the heart” (D&C 56:).  I love being with Grandpa outside–anywhere. The other day I went with him to take pictures of Skyline Mine area for a project at work, but we spent a lot more time on the mountain than just taking pictures. Grandpa showed me the  fish ladders, and we looked in the grassy  streams for fish. At one brook, Grandpa suggested that we crept up on the fish slowly without letting our shadows fall on the water. He was sure we would be able to see more and bigger fish  without scaring them away. I crawled on my stomach, through the grass,  following Grandpa’s lead and inched my way to the stream. I was camouflaged like the sky, in my bright blue shirt. It worked! We caught them unaware! Grandpa  put his hand under the belly of a couple of big trout and popped them out of the water for a second. (He didn’t pop them on to  the bank, of course, fishing is illegal in that stream right now). We found merriment in watching the fish and belly-creeping through the grass. Grandpa can make anything in nature an adventure. It was beautiful up there. I love those deep, narrow streams with the grassy banks that cut through mountain meadows. And we loved just being together.

Love you all tons!

Grandma Dottie, Grandpa’s Best Friend