Destinations: Lake Powell by Houseboat

Lake Powell Houseboats  

Mom and Dad had written home while they were on their mission and gave instructions for us to rent two 50′ houseboats at Lake Powell for a four days. (They paid for the houseboats.) So we had made reservations months in advance and they were home before we went on the trip.

We all had a ball there on the water! Most of us slept on top of the boats because the weather there in the summer is so hot that not enough air moves through the boat. In those days they weren’t air conditioned. But sleeping under the stars was wonderful! The meals were divided up between each of us so that we had a meal or two to fix and cleanup, and then we were free until it was our turn again. We floated for miles on the lake and pulled over to fix meals, go hiking, swim in the water, and sleep. We found wonderful places to anchor the boats at night. The kid wore life jackets when they were on the front or back of the boat or in the water. That was about the only rule. We all had a great time.

Lake Powell

Our dad/uncle had worked in Glen Canyon before it was a lake, and knew every canyon. He was a friend to Jim Mike, the Native American who showed white people the Rainbow Bridge in 1909, so we hiked up to see that amazing landmark! And our ancestors had been part of the Hole in the Rock mission, so we hiked up to the top of that crack in the rock walls. We had Family Night every night! The kids sang that silly song about Grandpa’s Whiskers to Grandpa Loren and he laughed until he cried. Fun times!

We didn’t repeat the Lake Powell Destination as a family because not everyone loves the water, and my brother got a rash from the decayed vegetation that lasted a long time. It’s also very expensive. To rent a small houseboat in the spring for 3 days is $3,000. Summer is much more.  Here is another link–check here). My husband and I rented houseboats with some friends every year for 10 years because we loved it so much.