Secret Garden Camp — Mysteries part 3 of 3

Secret Garden Camp Part 3

3– Mystery

There are a couple of mysteries in the book. Mary found a key and hunted for a secret door to a walled garden. There are a couple of other mysteries in the book, so  I wanted to include a mystery in our camp. We had a treasure hunt with clues. I always have a treasure hunt, but this one started with a key and finally found the box that it fit.

As the gardening proceeded, more clues were discovered. One of my daughters had created a treasure hunt that was designed for the teenaged kids. All clues were very complex and took a lot of thinking and discussing to figure each one of them. These older kids loved the challenge. IMG_0905-001

One of the clues was musical notes, they had to play the tune figure out the words which led them to the next clue. This one was “In the Leafy Treetops,” so they had the little kids climb the tree and look for the clue.

On the third day they found the spot where the treasure was buried. They dug it up and opened the box to find a wooden locked box inside.

Treasure finally found

They found the clue near an old log that some of my kids called The Whale.


The key found on the first day fit the lock on the box…and it was filled with money–coins–all silver!


Grandpa became the treasure broker; each person could get as many coins as their fists could hold.

It was a happy ending to our three day Grandma’s Camp.


Our youngest grandson playing in the waterfall in our newly planted Secret Garden.

Camp lasted three days and then we went on a field trip to Provo area where we visited the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. They were all beautiful, but the Garden we wanted to see was the Secret Garden.


This was to be a perfect photo op for me with my grandchildren in the Thanksgiving Point Secret Garden–the crowning picture of our camp.  The garden is beautiful, but the kids were hot and tired and hungry. One of the kids refused to sit with us; the little girl toward the front of the picture is quietly scooting backwards to get away. She is in no mood for a picture. And the little one in the middle is crying loudly and crawling out of  the circle and ready run!

It’s one of my favorite pictures.



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