Treasure Hunts


Simple Standard Treasure Hunt:

1–Write a clue that leads them to an item in the room or house such as “You will find the treasure under the fat chair.”  Put that clue in your pocket.

2-A clue indicating the next hiding place, such as the shower curtain–”Treasure is not here. Perhaps it is taking a shower.”  Hide this clue under the fat chair.

3–The next clue will be in the shower, leading them where to go next, such as “No treasure here, maybe it’s sleeping.” Then hide the next clue in a bed or on a pillow.

4. The clue under the pillow will read where the next location is, such as “You may never find the treasure, but you might find something interesting in the refrigerator.

5–In the fridge they could find some juice with a note attached that says, “I am not the treasure, but drink me up, then turn me upside down.”

6–On the bottom of the juice container they will find another clue that tells them the next place to look such as, “The treasure is not cool, it is toasty warm.”

7–On the toaster you would have another clue saying something more cryptic like “Upstairs, downstairs, or in my lady’s chamber.” They may look upstairs and downstairs or just in the grandma’s bedroom.

8–In grandma’s bathroom the treasure could be hiding in the hamper or the shower, or the cabinet.  The treasure can be anything from candy to a note that tells them you are going for ice cream, or movie tickets, or a new toy, etc.

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