Wonderland Camp

The year the new movie Alice in Wonderland came out I worked Grandma’s Camp around the Wonderland theme. My boys had built a pit-house in our back yard, years ago when they were into their Native American phase. So I decided to use that as the White Rabbit’s Hole. They climbed down the ladder, saw a tea table set with a cup that said, “Drink Me.” They drank it, moved through a curtain into the next room where the tea table was very tiny–supposed to give the illusion that they grew. They cut a tea cup of their choice from the Tea Cup Wreath and took it with them out of the hole.

Grandma's Camp Wonderland2

Top Row–Falling into the Rabbit Hole, Tea Cup Wreath, Ladder, by which they “fall” into the hole. Middle Row–The tea table with “Drink Me”, the shrunken tea table . Bottom Row: Pick A Tea Cup, Climbing out of the Hole with a cup.

After their adventure in the Rabbit Hole, we played the Mad Hatter Game. It is very much like musical chairs only it is musical hats, when the music stops, everyone grabs a hat, one without a hat steps out. But in the end, they all grab a hat and that is the one they are stuck with and wear to the Queen of Heart’s Tea Party. The kids had helped me make a crazy cake for the tea party the night before.

Grandma's Camp Wonderland3

Mad Hatter Game and Queen of Hearts Tea Party

We played silly games and did crazy art projects. One was making mosaic anything. They had their choice of a framed picture or a box, etc. They turned out so cute!

Then we had Cup Cake Wars, splitting into three teams adults and kids all worked on decorating cupcakes. I had baked them earlier, so they had the flavors of applesauce cake, red velvet cake, and spice cake. They separated into different places to decorate in secret. Everyone had a ball with this, and we want to do it again.


Grandma's Camp Wonderland

The lessons I taught with this was the Cheshire Cat’s question, “Where are you going?” When Alice says she doesn’t know, then the Cheshire Cat tells her “Then it doesn’t matter which direction you go.”  We talked about having goals and making decisions ahead of time as to the roads we did not want to go down, as Dr. Suess says,

 You’ll look up and down streets. Look’em over with care. About some you will say, “I don’t choose to go there. With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down a not-so-good street.

The whole book of Oh the Places You’ll Go has lots of lessons in it about making choices and choosing what you will do with your life, and getting out of the “Waiting Place.”  We talked about how to stay away from Satan’s traps in this world, and how to make good choices like, why would you drink something that had a note on it saying “drink me?” Are we followers or leaders?





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