Pioneer Camp

Westward Ho!  Pioneer Camp

  • ¬†Tell stories of ancestors and act them out. One of our ancestors went west for gold. So we panned for gold–either in a kiddie pool or a little stream.
  • Put supplies into a wheel barrow or wagon and head out on a handcart trek for a few hours. Stop and have lunch. Figure how to get around boulders or streams or some obstacle.
  • Stop by a stream or a tub and wash clothes and hang them out to dry. Make butter in a jar, or other pioneer craft.
  • Buffalo Hunt. Adults or big kids have a cardboard head of a buffalo, and the kids have supersoakers–the hunt begins.
  • Trading Post where the kids can spend the gold they found.
  • Kirsten American Girl¬†meets a Native American Girl. They can’t understand each other, but they make gifts and leave them for each other. Pair the kids with a friend and have them be aware of t hings that could be good gifts and choose a secret place where they leave the gifts for each other.