Civil War Camp

Julius Nicholas Taylor

Julius Nicholas Taylor, ancestor who fought in the Civil War–all five years.

This is based on the books of Addie an American Girl

  • Addie an American Girl is a slave. She lives with her mother who is a slave. Their father is on a different plantation. She and her mother escape. This story gives a lot of teaching moments.
  • Kids wake up the first morning and they are slaves. They have to do gardening and chores and everything someone tells them to do.
  • The book Follow The Drinking Gourd  by Jeannette Winter is about Pegleg Joe who goes to the slave plantations and asks for work on the plantation. During the week he works, he teaches the slaves a song which is really the route to freedom. They follow the big dipper and head north.
  • Look at the stars at night and point out the big dipper and the north star. Give the kids black paper and sticky stars and have  the kids create the big dipper.
  • Talk about President Lincoln and his character and his kindness. Show pictures of him when he was first elected and then five years later to show how every difficult decision is written on his face.
  • Kids can divide into two teams –some  runaway slaves and some  slave hunters– hide and seek type game.
  • Addie’s mother gets a job in the north and Addie helps her and gets paid too. So the kids can do work again, but they can earn some money this time.