Boot Camp


  • Our National Guard family member helped with this one. He wore his uniform and showed them how to stand at attention, at ease, how to march, and the oath they take, how to answer “Yes Sir!”
  • Kids have to rise early in the morning, get into formation, go through roll call, etc.,  go to Mess Hall for breakfast
  • Physical training included push ups, jumping jacks, etc.
  • Obstacle Course is set up and leader shows how to do it, all kids do it  and are timed.
  • Teach them to crawl with a weapon in their hands, keeping low to ground at all times.
  • Mud Crawl (with hose spraying like torrential rain) through obstacles. Then spray them off with the hose.
  • Take a rest on the dirt with nothing to rest on–no pillow, no blanket, eat a snack.