Book of Mormon Camp

  • Lamanite Wars--Book of Mormon CampEach person makes swords, shields, helmets out of heavy duty tin foil.
  • Battles with marshmallow guns or water balloons, or swords they have made.
  • Play ante-i-over, where two teams are made one in front of house, one in back. One team throws a ball over, if it is not caught, they call “Ante-i-over” and throw it back to the other team. If it is caught, that team sneaks around to the other side to tag the people, and they change sides.
  • ┬áPlay steal the Flag.
  • Set up some tents or make tents out of sheets and table cloths to hear King Benjamin’s speech and to camp in between battles.
  • Listen to the Spirit: Have one person blindfolded. They choose someone that will be the Spirit–whose voice they will listen for and follow. The blindfolded person goes through an obstacle course. Everyone is shouting at him telling him wrong turns and moves. Only the chosen voice tells him the right way to go. The blindfolded person tries to only listen for that one voice and do what it tell him/her to do in order to make it through the course.
  • Write in journals. Make or buy a journal for each child. Have them write down the things they do, the things they learn, and put any “souvenirs of their time at camp in the journal.