Samantha, an American Girl


  • Samantha An American Girl┬álives during the early 1900s. She moves in with her grandmother in a big Victorian house. Using ideas from that book, have a fancy tea party with the girls all dressed up and use china tea cups. Make homemade ice cream–a favorite dish in Samantha’s time.
  • She makes friends with a servant girl next door. She watches her do hard work and hang clothes on the line. Have the kids wash clothes in a tub and hang them on a line.
  • Samantha and her friend make tin can telephones attached by a string. Make these for the kids to see how they work.
  • Show the kids heirlooms or artifacts from their ancestors. Tell stories of ancestors who lived in that time. Where did they live?
  • Embroidery was something every young lady learned to do. Teach basic embroidery stitches to the children.
  • Those who didn’t have a lot of money had to wash clothes and have baths in metal tubs.
  • Read by candlelight.
  • Go on a horse and buggy ride
  • Go to a museum that houses things from everyday life in other eras.