Grandma Dottie’s Camp

Grandma Dottie’s Camp — a tradition for 16 years.

My grandchildren and (grandpa often tags along) have embarked on many adventures together through the years. It has always been pretty easy for me to step into their imaginary world, and sometimes I’m the architect of a fantasy and they come into mine.

I have three basic goals for each camp, no matter what theme or activities we choose.

1- Have lots of fun and Make Happy Memories!

2- Bond together and draw closer as a family!

3- Teaching or reinforcing good values in the lives of these children.

Under Grandma Dottie’s Camp I have included the various Camp Themes as well as Kids Teaching Time and Treasure Hunts.

Feel free to adapt any of these ideas to your own grandmothering style. Please come back and tell me about your own experiences. Let’s share ideas and inspiration!