Grandma Nina Reunion

We didn’t plan very much of this reunion, but there were some great ideas here! Grandma Nina was asked to do a quilt show in one of the big rooms at the care center she lived in. They were having a Family Festival Day for all the families of the residents. Nina was one of the founding members of the Utah Quilt Guild in the 1970s. She had quilted all of her life, and when she moved to Salt Lake City, she found the art had just about died out. So she started teaching classes in LDS Relief Societies; she taught at YWCA for years, and made and sold quilts at Mormon Handicraft and started teaching ¬†classes ther, and continued for 25 years. She had done many quilt shows in her life, but she could no longer get one together.¬†So we set gathered some of her quilts from all over the family, and set the display up in the big room where Grandma sat in her wheel chair answering questions and talking to people.

Nina's Quilt Show1

Her family gathered together and enjoyed a reunion in honor of her!

Outside they had some really fun activities like a Goldfish Race. You caught a goldfish from a container, with a net, and put it in one of the two rain gutters set up with water in them. The person who chose the fish blows on the water to make enough current to get the fish swimming in the right direction. It was very funny!

Nina's Quilt Show


They had wagon rides, face painting, balloons, mini pie eating contest–that is a not a mini contest, but a contest to see how many mini pies you could eat. They were all cream pies and very yummy. They also served lunch with salads, baked beans, and smoked pork sandwiches from a barbecue smoker.

Nina's Quilt Show2

First three pictures beginning at the top are pie eating contest. Center photo is Grandma Nina being pushed around by a great-grandson as she explains her quilts to people. Treats in bowls made to look like fish bowls. They had Swedish Fish, and Gold Fish Crackers, and other fish shaped snacks.


Grandma Nina was 93 years old. She was amazed at all the quilts that were there, and couldn’t remember some of them, but was very impressed with them. It was a great way to get together, honor her, and show our appreciation for all of her talent and generosity through the years.

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