Family Reunions

Family Reunions — Happy Memories by Appointment!

Under family reunions, I have posted ideas from our own family reunions–extended families, and immediate families. Most of these posts can be done by either type of group. There are a few posts that may help with planning a reunion. Check them out: Planning a Reunion, Destination Reunions, Reunion Activities, Family History Focused Reunions.

 It takes effort; it takes time; it takes creativity, but it is an important, use of our time and energies!  These activities are the best way I know to keep the family close, happy, and unified. I think family differences can be overcome by enough good times.


I heard one young mother say she had 10 siblings, and for their annual family reunion, they always had a theme.  Last year it was clowns. She said dressed like a clown, participating in the games and activities, there was no place or time for her nurture a grudge at a sister that made her so mad she never wanted to talk to her again, or at her mother because she hadn’t paid enough attention to her as a child, (being one of the youngest children, she felt neglected).  She said all of those feelings were gone as they just had fun together and laughed at each other.


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