Family History Destinations–Tooele

Going Home–Tooele


The Aquatic Center at Desert Peak Resort

My sister chose our old hometown of  Tooele for the venue of one of our family reunions. We went to the new Desert Peak Aquatic Center and everyone went swimming. There is a water slide and a huge pool. It is also located by the Historic Benson Grist Mill which has a lot of interesting, historic things to see and do. It’s a great way to review history of the area where we had lived for many years.



Our old pioneer house in Tooele. Left–My sister and I in the doorway of our old house a couple of years ago. It was empty and the yard is overgrown. The door was open so we took a tour. Right—I’m the baby, my sister is behind me, in 1949. The house was about 100 years old when we lived there.

We had lunch after our activities and then everyone was given a driving tour map with addresses and information on it telling about our home, the homes of two sister in laws, who grew up there as well, the high school my brothers attended, the hospital my mother worked as administrator, the old hospital where I was born, the elementary school we all attended, and some points on our way home where we picnicked as children, such as Black Rock Beach on the Great Salt Lake, and Adobe Rock. Everyone had their own map and so we all went in our individual cars at our own pace.

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