Family Reunion Fund

Fund Raisers:

We have done all of these in the past. The one that was the most fun was bringing heirlooms that people were willing to part with. My sister brought my mom’s recipe box with her recipe cards in it. My daughter was highest bidder and copied off the favorite recipes for anyone who didn’t have them already. She treasures that box, but my sister was having to downsize things in her house and needed it to go to someone who would cherish it.

Silent Auction

Everyone brings something–anything–to sell. People write notes with a bid and name on them. The bids are visible so you know if you need to up your bid. The judge figures them all up and top bidder gets the it. These can be hand me down toys, dishes you don’t need, anything a garage sale might have.

Scherenschnitte by Lelia

Heirloom dishes; a copy of only existing photo of the Old Home Place; a copy of the scherenschnitte profile of Grandma done by her talented friend; photo of Grandfather’s name written in axle-grease on a rock wall on the trail he traveled hauling from the railroad in Price to Vernal, Utah; A color copy of the scherenschnitte (freehand scissor cutouts) scene done by Grandma’s friend

Family Heirloom Sale

This Fund Raiser for Family Reunion Account requires that people bring something from their own cache of family objects to sell with a price already marked on them. While one might have several of Grandma’s Hankies and be willing to sell some to others. It might be a recipe of Grandma’s that you can color copy to get all the stains and handwriting on the recipe. Any extra doilies, or tools, or thread or thimbles. This might be a good time to get Aunt Bess who has all the family pictures to have the family albums copied and make money for the family fund.

Homemade Sale

People bring something they have made, sewn, baked, crafted, carved, stirred, built, or painted to auction off at the Family Reunion. Silent or with an Auctioneer.