Destination: Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow Reservoir is near St. George, Utah.

There is a big reservoir in the red rock area with shallow areas and very deep waters with a huge rock from which to dive and jump into that water. It was a great water park for all ages. We splashed in the shallow water with the little kids. The older kids and all of us swimming.

Sand Hollow-001

Then the older kids walked over to a high rock where they could jump and dive.  The rock has so many levels from which to jump, that all the kids 8 and over were jumping from that rock.

Sand Hollow1-001

It is actually attached to the main rock, so it is an easy walk to the top of this rock from the other side. Once you jump off, you can climb backup by using the rope that you can see in bottom left photo. Kids jumped and dove off the rock. I thought the most fun was just watching.

We had a picnic, snacks, lots of visiting and photo shoots. It is gorgeous! And we made so many memories!

It’s a great place for all water sports, and there are also sand dunes, and ATV trails, as well as golfing, and other activities at this state park.