Destination: Hawaii

Hawaii–My Mom’s Favorite Place!

When my mom was 91, she wanted to go to her favorite place on earth one more time. And she wanted to take all of her kids with her. She insisted that we stay in the Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel.  It used to be known as The Moana and is the oldest hotel in the Hawaiian Islands.  We were all happy to comply with this wish! She had been to Hawaii eight times, and always stayed at the Moana except once, and she never wanted to repeat that lodging. It is located in Oahu on Waikiki Beach across from the International Market Place.

Mom’s favorite thing to do was to sit on her lanai and listen to the ocean and enjoy the view, the breeze, and the sounds (pictures 3 and 4 on this collage). We rented two cars, so that we could separate and go our own way some of the time. My husband and I wanted to go off on our own, so we rented a convertible. Car rentals are pretty cheap in Hawaii, and we found that a convertible is the ONLY way to see Hawaii! Wow.


These adult trips with just siblings and Mom were wonderful. We created so many happy memories! Lots of funny things that we can tease each other about, and just happy times to reflect on. We rented two cars, so we also did things on our own as well, but we always had dinner together. We got closer to one of our sister in laws than we had ever done before. (We were never quite sure if she really liked us or not.) She laughed more than I had ever seen–we all did.

My mom and one of my brothers and his wife have died now, and we all are grateful to have had fun times to remember with her. These trips are treasures we each still keep in our hearts. They were relaxing, luxurious, and just plain wonderful!