Destinations: The Homestead

The Homestead in Midway

My second brother planned this one. This is in such a beautiful setting. We loved every minute of this trip. He arranged for our luncheion to be catered on one of the patios behind this main lodge (top right). We stayed in a motel in Heber City called The Swiss Alps Inn (top left). We rented most of the rooms, so we made up the majority of the guests. All the cousins had the pool to themselves. We got the kids to bed at night and congregated outside, bringing chairs from our rooms. It was an ideal spot and a cute motel.

Family Reunion--Homestead2

There is natural hot springs crater (bottom left). Some of us went swimming in the crater, which is so unusual, it shouldn’t be passed up. You can go in and not swim, if you don’t want to get wet. The crater is deep enough that many people learn to scuba dive in its warm waters.

Then we went for a ride on the Heber Creeper (bottom right).  I don’t think it’s called The Heber Creeper anymore. It is the Provo Canyon Limited of the Heber Valley Railroad. It is a 90 minute ride through Provo Canyon. It is a gorgeous ride. The train is OLD, and historically uncomfortable, but you can walk around on a train, and there is entertainment in some of the cars and a snack bar car. There are other routes also. The cost for the Provo Canyon is $30/adult; $15.00/kid. The Deer Creek Express is less money. The Monday night Train is only $8/person or family rate. But remember, it is historic, so there is no air conditioning. We went in July, and joked that it was “the ride from Hell”. But scenery was beautiful! We should have taken squirt bottles with us, and then the outdoor cars would have been great! I want to take my kids and grandkids back there.

The next year was my third brother’s turn to plan, and we went back there because it was so fun! This time we stayed in condos at the Homestead. They were beautiful.

Crater 2

Historic photograph of The Crater. It is located inside this 55 foot rock hill.

Today, you have to make an appointment to go into the Crater, and you are allowed 40 minutes to swim.