Destination: Bus Ride to Fun Spots in Salt Lake City

Bus Ride to Fun Spots in Salt Lake City

This was my second brother’s idea. At first it didn’t sound great, but it turned out to be lots of fun. He had snacks for us on the bus, and we could mix and mingle. The kids had a great time doing this. We stopped at the  Kennecott Copper Mine. None of us had ever been up there. We toured the mine and learned some facts we didn’t know, and marveled at the tiny ant like truck at the bottom of the copper pit. It is a wonder that needs to be seen to believe! Our next stop was the Wheeler Farm. It is an historic, working farm. We toured the old farm house, saw the animals, took a wagon ride, and we ate our boxed lunches there under a tree.

Malachi, Abby, Ellie at the Zoo

Charter Bus, Wheeler Farm, Kennecott Mine, Hogle Zoo

The afternoon stop was the Hogle Zoo which was very fun to be there with our group. The year we did this, there was a huge dinosaur exhibit there. Not a coincidence that Jurrasic Park had just been released in the movie theaters, so after a sloppy joe dinner at my brother’s house in Bountiful, we went to the movie.

I have no idea how much it cost then or now. I’ve linked it to some charter bus sites that you have to contact to get a quote, but I’d like to do this again with my own big family now.