Destinations – Introduction & List of Ideas

Destination Family Reunions

Up until the kids move out of the house, family getaways are called vacations. Once brothers or sisters move away, you need family Reunions! These began with my mom with my brothers, sister and all of our children. Through the years she  planned lots of  family gatherings with us kids. Once we were all married, we had many each year. We didn’t call them RE-unions because they were more family-union-events. One of the earliest I remember was when I was 12 and some of my brothers were married. Mom decided we needed to take a family trip to Elko, Nevada. I’m not sure Elko is somewhere I want to visit now, but we have some really fun memories from that trip!

Hawkins 1950s pictures--Steve's Camera1

Swimming in the motel pool was a treat back in those days! (Notice my sister’s designer swimming cap. She’s still that way!)  Saturday some of them played the slot machines–my sister-in-law on the left of the family pictures was stopped for ID check because she was so young looking. Sunday we went to church. Yeah…I know.

Happy Memories Live Forever!

 We had such a good time that two years later Mom and Dad planned another big family vacation to the Seattle World’s Fair with married siblings and grandchildren. We drove to San Francisco and up the Oregon Coast and then on to the Fair–a fabulous, fun time! I was only 14.  My dad died two months after that family trip. I am soooo grateful for memories of fun times we had on these trips!  The thing about happy memories is they live on forever, enriching our days.

Here is a list of some of our Destination Family Reunions:

These destination ideas are listed alphabetically. Some were planned by my extended family, and some are from my more immediate family. These are ideas and reviews about some fun destinations.